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Is Your Gear Ready For Some Summer Diving?

Make Sure Your Gear Is Ready for Your Next Dive

At Silent Diving, we know what an incredible experience diving is and how popular it is in the summer months and at warm vacation destinations. Whether you do it recreationally or as part of scientific or other work, the underwater vistas you encounter are unlike anything you’ll find on land. That being said, you want to do what you can to make sure every dive is a safe one.

Safety is what we stress at Silent Diving in our scuba training classes and when selling and servicing our cutting-edge scuba equipment. The following tips should prove helpful to make sure you can focus on enjoying your dive rather than ending it abruptly due to some preventable problem.

Perform a Check of Your Buoyancy Compensator

It’s actually easy for you to check your buoyancy compensator at home in your bathtub. You do this, quite simply, by orally inflating it and then holding it under the water. No bubbles, of course, means it’s holding the air. Checking the overall integrity of your BC is followed by checking all the dump valves by using each one to deflate your BC.

Ensure Your Dive Computers Are Functioning Properly

For deep dives, your dive computers are critical pieces of equipment to ensure a safe ascent. The emphasis here is on the plural form of this word since you should always have a backup computer with you. Checking them can be as simple as turning them on and seeing that each computer’s display is functioning correctly and that there’s no low-battery warning. Some computers have batteries that you can change yourself, or you can send it to a diving equipment seller and maintenance expert such as Silent Diving.

Have Your Scuba Cylinder Serviced

As the piece of equipment that literally holds your lifesaving gases while underwater, the importance of your cylinder cannot be underestimated. These need to be checked every year, and every cylinder should be stamped with the last time it was visually inspected.

Give Your Wetsuit a Thorough Looking Over

If you’ve gone many months without diving, the first thing you want to check is that your wetsuit still fits. Given a tendency to dive more over the summer months, you may go the entire fall and winter without diving. Weight gain can creep up on you during this time of year, and you don’t want to get on a boat for your first dive of the season to find you can’t get your wetsuit on. You also want to check it for cracks or tears because it needs to keep you warm while underwater.

Be Sure to Have Your Regulator Serviced

One of the things that scuba equipment selling and training companies such as Silent Diving teach their customers is how to deal with regulator free flow. The best piece of advice, however, is not to experience regulator problems during a dive at all. Our team at Silent Diving recommend that you have this critical piece of equipment serviced every year.

Where to Have Your Scuba Equipment Serviced

Silent Diving has dealers in the Eastern and Western U.S. as well as Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean. We are the exclusive distributor for the cutting-edge Inspiration and Evolution closed-circuit rebreathers. We also sell related diving equipment and provide scuba training and can perform maintenance on your diving equipment at any of our dealers.