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Closed Circuit Rebreathers

Simply speaking, the Inspiration Recycles, Replenishes, and Re-uses the gasses in the system, unlike Open Circuit OC diving, which is very wastefulin terms of venting the entirety of each breath out into the water. The Inspiration Recycles the exhaled gas around the “loop,” removing CO2 Carbon Dioxide, replenishes the amount of oxygen, and re-uses the gas for the next breath.

Two life support computers called controllers monitor the amount of oxygen in the system called the partial pressure of oxygen (ppO2 orPO2).They add just enough to maintain the desired amount of O2 called the setpoint.This gives a constant amount of O2 irrespective of the depth providing the best possible mixture for the depth.

2020 Color Vision Display

This ultra-bright, high-resolution, full-color computer displays real-time PO2 information from the Oxygen controllers and decompression information with ultra-crisp fonts & icons using state-of-the-art IPS technology which offers brightness and clarity from all viewing angles.

It also graphically displays CO2 scrubber usage information and, with a press of a button, can be switched to an in-built compass. It remotely connects through Bluetooth to a PC to download your dive information. Simple menu options allow you to change decompression gradient factors or conservatisms, screen brightness, color scheme, and many other options.

How to Choose your Rebreather Counter Lung Options

AP Diving was the first manufacture to offer a choice of either standard Over the Shoulder (OTS) front or Rear (BMCL) placed counter lungs. Front placed OTS lungs are time-proven and have been the industry standard since 1997. They offer the lowest work of breathing (WOB) of any rebreather counterlung currently available.It has easy to locate manual inflators and an overpressure relief (OPV) dump valve.

The Rear placed BMCL has the beast breathing performance in all normal diving positions on and BMCK on the market. It offers a clutter-free chest area most technical divers have become accustomed to. It enables more of a horizontal trim attitude, which streamlines your profile and reduces drag.

Configuring The Right Size Unit For Your Diving

Choosing the right rebreather for you is going to be one of the most important decisions you will make.The Inspiration has three chassis size configurations, XPD, EVP and EVO or Large, Medium and Small. All sizes of units can be configured for purely recreational to full-on technical diving specifications and are all upgradable at any point during your diving progression.

The choice of unit chassis size is going to based on a combination of the type of diving you plan to do, who much diving you can drive to verses flying, and your body frame size.

Unique Features

The Inspiration units all come with a range of both unique standard features as well as several additional options. All these features are upgradable at any point. All of the Inspiration models come wither the following right our of and including the box:

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