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Benefits Of Rebreathers On Deep Ocean Reefs

Recreational scuba diving can be an experience beyond compare that enables you to view the beauty and majesty of a whole new world under the waves. Diving is also done professionally by scientists for various research purposes and government agencies to monitor pollution and other reasons. Whether you dive for fun or as part of your job, there are definitely benefits to using a closed-circuit rebreather rather than open-circuit scuba gear when doing so.

You Are More Comfortable

With open-circuit scuba gear, the gas you carry on your back is refrigerated, which means you are breathing in cold air. When you go diving, especially at greater depths, the water is already quite cold. This fact, combined with breathing in cold air, can lower your body temperature and make you feel quite chilly and miserable. The air you inhale from a closed-circuit rebreather (CCR), in comparison, is warm and moist as a by-product of the heat produced by the chemical reaction that removes the carbon dioxide from the closed system.

You’ll also be more comfortable because of the greater efficiency of a CCR. With open-circuit scuba gear, your waste gases are truly wasted since you just breath them out into the water. In a CCR, your gases are recycled. One benefit of this is that you can wear smaller tanks on your back.

More Time Where You Want to Be

The above-mentioned benefit of the increased efficiency of a CCR has an added benefit beyond comfort. It gives divers longer dive times. Whether you’re diving just to look at the fish and pretty coral or to do observations, place scientific equipment, or collect samples, you want to do it for as long as you can during each dive. Closed-circuit rebreathers give you this ability far better than traditional scuba gear.

The Best Mix of Gas

With rebreathers, the diver has control over the amount of oxygen that goes into the closed loop of a CCR system during the dive. This means you can be breathing the optimal mixture of gases at any given depth, which also translates into less time taken getting up to the surface after a dive without getting decompression sickness.

Blend in With the Environment

Finally, rebreathers do not produce bubbles. This is why they are popular with the military since this type of equipment doesn’t give away the position of their divers. It’s also of tremendous benefit to recreational, scientific or other divers, however, since you will be able to get up close and personal with all kinds of marine life without scaring them away.

Silent Diving Has Your CCR Needs Covered

Whatever the reason you dive, Silent Diving is a company that has all your diving gear, training and maintenance needs covered. Based in Brockville, Ontario in Canada, we have dealers in the Eastern United States, Western United States, Mexico, the Caribbean and Canada.

As far as equipment, we are authorized dealers for the Inspiration line of rebreathers. We carry various models and will have one for your specific diving needs. Our dealers know how to service your equipment, and our trainers are second to none. They will always put your safety first throughout the training process, and they’ll make sure you’re proficient enough at diving that you can focus on your reasons for diving rather than the act of diving. Please contact us to get more information about our Inspiration rebreathers, so you can start reaping the maximum benefit from exploring deep ocean reefs.