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Fun Facts About The Ocean And Scuba Diving

There is no denying, the ocean is among the most breathtaking territories of our Earth. We have the luxury of being able to explore this beautiful, mysterious place. Our ability to view the ocean from an underwater perspective is an incredibly humbling experience. Scuba diving is one of the many ways human beings can sightsee the depths of oceans. It gives firsthand involvement, but it is a learned skill. To scuba dive, you will have to first learn about safety, the equipment and practice the process.

What Exactly is Scuba Diving?

The word “scuba” is an acronym. It stands for self-contained underwater breathing apparatus. As the terminology suggests, it is gear designed to give us the ability to breathe underwater for long periods.

Scuba diving was first invented in 1943 by two Frenchman named Emile Gagnan and Jacques-Yves Cousteau. There have been many advancements in scuba gear, becoming increasingly more effective over the years. We can now stay underwater for hour dives with no lack of air.

Is Scuba Diving Safe?

Much with any other obscure hobby, many people wonder how safe scuba diving is. It is a fair question.

Accidents are always possible. The same could be said for any activity in life. Even getting in your car each day poses a potential danger. With proper training and equipment, you are very safe during the dive.

Fatalities with scuba-related incidents are incredibly rare. While there are risks involved, statistics show us that you should hold your concerns low. An average of 100 people dies yearly in scuba-related incidents. Considering the number of dives per year being over 2.3 million, you can see how rare it is!

It is easy to feel very small in a large blue ocean. There are always anxieties accompanying new adventures. From large, potentially dangerous animals to mechanical failures, it is natural to have concerns. But don’t let these reservations hold you back from a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

Exploring the Depths!

Did you know that over 95% of the ocean remains a mystery to humans? That is right. This means all photography, research and knowledge have barely cut into the vastness of our oceans.

This includes having underwater cameras being submerged with explorable technology. Humans can only physically explore an even lesser percentage. It is amazing how much we don’t know about our planet!

While an Egyptian man named Ahmad Gabr recently set the world record for scuba diving up to 1,000 feet, it is recommended divers do not dive below 130 feet.

Take the Plunge

The ocean gives wonders to behold. There is so much to be witnessed and learned from this stunningly amazing planet of ours. Don’t let your wanderlust be restricted to the soil. Get out of your comfort zone to discover a newfound appreciation for our seas.