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Traveling with Silent Diving

Silent Diving offers you a range of travel options for the CCR Diver.

When you join the Silent Diving family, a world of adventure opens! We routinely run rebreather-specific dive travel adventures around the globe as part of our love of the exploration of the underwater world. As you know, having the ability to stay down longer and completely quiet is what unlocks the hidden underwater world when rebreather diving. A rebreather allows you to do this with ease because the gas you’re breathing is being safely recycled and precisely mixed for your depth! Journey with us on guided, curated diving expeditions!

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We schedule everything you need to have a great dive holiday! In addition to handling logistics, we’ll ensure you have what you need to dive throughout your trip. We’ll make sure you have unlimited CCR support! Many of our travel excursions cover seven days of diving!

Fun Experiences

In addition to creating a fantastic atmosphere for diving, we also plan complete itineraries full of fun and relaxation. Packages typically include meals, snacks, drinks, swag, demonstrations, and more! No two trips are ever the same. You’re always in good company when you dive with us because you’re immersed in the rebreather diving community.

Stunning Locations

We plan excursions to the best, most exotic diving spots on the globe! Our guests often make time for land adventures and trips to tourist sites when they’re not partaking in dive-related activities. Our diverse destinations also offer something for everyone, divers and non-divers alike! Balance freedom to dive with the freedom to explore!

Upcoming Scheduled Trips

Due to the spread of COVID-19, all upcoming trips and events are postponed until further notice. As soon as conditions change and the trips are reschedule, we will update this page.

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As the exclusive distributor of AP Diving products in Americas’, we look forward to serving you. We’re happy to hear from you whether you have a product question, a sales question, a distribution question, a maintenance question, or a general inquiry. How can we help you today?

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Silent diving offers highly specialized itineraries that cater to divers. While each trip is different, they all combine diving experiences with education, collaboration, and fun. Most of our package options include meals, snacks, all diving gear, port fees, nitrox, and more.